Visual Identity conference is’s CSR project which we, as team members, support with our volunteer work and sponsorship. Values promoted at are in full accordance with the mission of, which is to support young people through education and to motivate them to start new business endeavours. Through these efforts, we tend to inspire creativity of conference participants and to challenge new ideas. Every year, we raise the bar higher through our technical and design solutions and set an example for other conferences in the region. We are very proud of our stage design and the audience activation during the conference.

The success of, as one of the largest marketing conferences in South East Europe, would not have been possible without the support of Alicorn. All that you see at Spark (stage, accreditation, media wall, website, t-shirts …) is the work of a great team of talented and trustworthy people. If you are looking for a marketing agency, Alicorn is the right choice!

Vladimir Vulić

Challenge: How to make the audience a part of story?

How to use graphic design elements to send this year’s message?

During last year’s conference, We were entrusted with the mission: to make all conference participants feel as an inseparable part of Our slogan “What Lights Your Spark?”, asked our participants to stop for a moment and think about the things that motivate them in life and which have the ability to awaken their creative spark. Slogan was printed on t-shirts, bags, as well as on the conference stage. The stage was  made of hundreds of different sized boxes stacked on each other forming a wall whose game of lights and shadows gave a special visual effect to the whole event. Quotations from previous speakers were printed on the boxes as a constant reminder of already piled up knowledge. It was a perfect setting for two-day thinking outside the box.

The font used for all visual materials was composed of simple geometrical forms that form the letters, like in the famous children’s game “Tangram”. It was a reminder that behind complex ideas lays simplicity.

Twitter wall, which our team creates and maintains for each of the annual conferences, this year was divided among multiple screens which were casually placed among the boxes on the stage. This made the participants an essential part of the conference. They were able to comment in real time and become a part of the conversation. Outside the conference hall, in the coffee break area, attendees had a chance to leave their messages on the paper covered walls and share their impressions about the conference.  In addition, they were asked to pledge their allegiance to one of the sides. Being Lord of the rings devotees or dog lovers, everyone had a clique to belong to. The whole setup of the conference facilitated communication, activation and exchange of ideas. During those two days, Budva become a meeting place for a family of five hundred creative thinkers from all over the world, all of them wearing colors. They all came to exchange ideas and to charge their creative batteries with enthusiasm for the next year. Stay tuned… The new spark is coming up!

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