Domain .ME

Domain .ME: Redesigning for a User-Centric Website Flow is a website visited by tens of thousands of users daily. They come from various cultures and professions, and our job is to understand their needs and optimise content and user experience for them, with company goals in mind. Alicorn has been working on the online presence of for several years. Our duties include developing web applications, content creation, blog editorial, online community management and creating marketing campaigns for various international markets. This, however, is not a story about that, but one about increasing website traffic and conversion rates, therefore boosting the main business goal of the company. One of the things we are particularly proud of is the measurable financial benefit we have given to our client by researching and implementing small changes to reduce friction during domain name registration.

The Challenge: A/B testing

Hypothesis: Reducing friction in the registration process will lead to registration increase, which will pay for the development by itself.

The decision to reduce the number of steps that every user has to go through to accomplish our goal was seemingly easy, but the main part of the change, although visually minimal, asked for complicated changes in the backend. In order to see if results would be worth the resources spent, we had to develop and conduct a test of justifiability of investment. This asked for a multivariate (A/B) testing procedure: Two variants of the homepage were set, and a certain, increasing,  part of the visitors were given the version with the new domain registration process. The conducted A/B test has shown (with 99% confidence) that the new homepage version generates 26% more conversions than the old one. Turned into financial gain, that represents yearly increase of 9,500 euro. We could move on 🙂


Confidence Interval


Conversion Rate Increase

Expected yearly profit increase

The Challenge: Adapting Website to Various Target Audiences

Developing the way to adapt the homepage to customers from various markets

Our ambitions did not stop at these results 🙂 We have decided to make a step further and provide a way for a company dedicated to personal communication with customers to make that process even more personal. As the company does business in a large number of international markets, their customers speak different languages and share different cultural norms. We have developed a module that detects where the user is coming from, and serves imagery and text adapted to the user.’s visitor from Brazil now sees a picture of a person they can identify with, and the main information is presented in their language. When they have found an available domain name, they are given a choice to register it with a company from the country they are coming from.

What follows is the way homepage looks to the Brazilian visitors. You can notice the picture suits the market, and the search module is translated to Portuguese. Recommended registrars are also from the Brazilian market, and the first ones are those that currently feature a promotion or a discount. This way, we have managed to get most of the benefits of multilingual websites without significant increases in hardware and maintenance investments that usually go with this process.
Domain flow

The result: A single website that adapts to various markets and languages, and features an intuitive and integrated product registration process.